Space Wurm vs Moonicorn

Space Wurm vs Moonicorn
Questions so many questions

Okay so I’m now elbow-deep into hardcore prepping for Space Wurm vs Moonicorn, and I’m reading the book with a different set of eyes and priorities. I hope SWvM fans and Johnstone Metzger can help me out!

* First thing that jumps out at me is how to deal with Hunters. Sometimes there are handy stats, but as often as not there’s nothing there. FIrst example: in the Alient Revolt front, or threat or whatever, there’s a list of Hunter ideas. Let’s say I want to send “assassins normally used against political leaders.” Do I need stats? Is it assumed I’ll just make those up? Improvise? I mean if it were Apocalypse World it’d all be fictional positioning, but Dungeon World is crunchier and more specific. Am I supposed to go to the DW monster creation rules? Scour this book and Dungeon Planet for appropriate stats? Honestly I have no idea.

* Next thing that jumps out: not all the Threats have attached Hunters. How can Moonicorn beat those Threats? In the case of a phenomenon (like uh…space madness!), how is Space Wurm supposed to take control? How am I supposed to use them? Are some Threats designed to just be additional complications?

* Gear…sometimes weapons listed aren’t weapons at all so I’m not sure why they’re listed that way. The uh…Other’s “bag of books” for example. What am I missing here? In the event they are actual weapons — Moonicorn’s light saber, for example — sometimes there are actual stats attached to another version of the gear elsewhere (I think the secret police have an NPC with a light saber). Is this just sloppy editing or is it purposeful that Moonicorn’s version is just tags and no stats?

Let’s maybe just start with those.

Hope everyone’s having a nice holiday break.

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  1. First: If you’re going to have a proper DW fight, it’s a yes to all five. You can use normal DW monster stats, or check my patreon, which is all monsters.

    Second: All seven fronts are merely collections of examples. Just like in DW, if you want something else, you write it how you want it to be. The book stuff is there to make it easier to run.

    Third: I’m just following the DW format here, where gear choices tend to have a weapon category and a defence category. In DW, different lightsabers (any weapon, really) can have different stats. Is Mace Windu’s grape soda the same as Vader’s cinnamon stick? Also, keep in mind weapons don’t have their own damage dice, PC classes and monster attacks do (the damage of a monster attack is for the monster making the attack, not for the weapon intrinsically). Weapons have ranges and tags and maybe a damage bonus.

  2. Oh, right, good call on the weapon stuff. Of course an NPC will have different stats attached to their gear descriptions than a character. I think I had even worked that out for myself at one point.

    Okay, cool, no problem on the rest. It’s the answer I was expecting. And nice upsell on the Patreon. 🙂

  3. Also Johnstone Metzger​’s DW-ish monster manuals are fantastic. It’d be super easy to add color to make the Deathwolf some sci-fi bounty hunter instead of a wolf that eats gods.

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