I think the game challenge for 2017 should be to run 2 games for 17 or more sessions. 2×17+ sessions. If you only…

I think the game challenge for 2017 should be to run 2 games for 17 or more sessions. 2×17+ sessions. If you only run long games, start considering switching once you cross the 17 session mark. If you usually run short games, try to go higher than 17 if possible.

Hard mode: make them complete campaigns/stories in exactly 17 sessions.

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  1. It feels like… Not unattainable but almost boring to me? Like “OK after 10 sessions we’ve gotten all we wanted to out of this world/system, right? RIGHT?”

    Some of my players would love it, you’re right.

  2. 10 is my typical ceiling.

    But! I’ve been thinking about the fact that I’m just not good at keeping games fresh for the long run. A lot of that, I think, comes down to my natural curiosity to explore systems and not fiction.

    So I’d imagine the skill I need is learning to plant slower-growth seeds among the hothouse flowers that typically bloom and die fast.

  3. We’re 15 or so (4 to 6 hour) sessions into our Khorosan Dark Ages game and probably right in the middle of the arc. This is de rigeur for us… Which is why I often struggle with con ttops.

  4. We come from gaming roots where the expectation is to play a campaign, then we play indie games built for one shots or mini arcs for a few years, then someone mentions 17 sessions and then it’s like, “Whoah now, I don’t think that would be any fun?”
    This was the fun. Now it’s just one way to have “the fun”.
    Which, to me, is adorable.

  5. Aaron Griffin​​​ that’s not hard, intentionally creating a shorter campaign is easy and doable, it just requires intent or scope restriction. 

    Careful Richard Rogers​, saying that there’s more than one way to have fun is like unto heresy in more places than not!

  6. Can the 17 sessions be of multiple game systems (but in the same overall story arc). Like can you use microsope between your fantasy and sci-fi games to move the story forward? I mean, I know it sounds like cheating, but I just can’t see running that many games in one thing. In a year. Unless my wife and daughter sent me to camp, maybe.

  7. There is one game we have been playing for 12 years, off and on, playing probaby 30 sessions per “novella” and six full novellas to date, plus some weekend-long short stories. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out we’ve sunk 200 hours in play and another whack talking about it.

    We think there’s one, maybe two left to go.

  8. David Benson it drifted, as did our tastes in games during this timeline. The earliest two novellas were 7th Sea, the next was TSoY, We had a hybrid that was drifted from a hack of Castle Falkenstein, half of one with FATE, and others a kind of homebrew freeform. Also, the fiction is a roman-fleuve, and so each novella needed a different kind of system to get at the arc we were hoping for.

  9. I ran a fifteen session playtest of The Clay That Woke in 2011, and could have easily continued, but a player moved out of state and my son was born, so it ended. I haven’t actually run seventeen sessions of anything since AD&D in high school.

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