RinCon T – one month

RinCon T – one month

I’m going and I’ve planned nothing at all. Now I’m getting itchy about submitting myself to five slots of unvetted gaming.

Who all is in? Right now the folks I know who will be there are Jonathan Perrine, MadJay Brown, Robert Chilton, Brian Poe, Jason Corley. I assume Magpie Games will be there with some kind of representation. Brendan Conway, Sarah Richardson? Katherine Fackrell? Justin Rogers?

What about outer-orbit NM folks? Nicholas Hopkins, Phil Lewis, anyone else? I know I’m forgetting people. I’m old, have mercy on my poor addled brain.

So since today is the last day to submit games so they show up in the printed book, and since I’m picky about both who sits at tables I run and whose tables I play at, I’m… kind of thinking about not really bothering to submit anything. I’m good with running shadow events somehow, somewhere on the grounds (yes yes I’ll be buying a badge).

I know RinCon has flirted with a Games on Demand-like thing. Brian Poe did anything ever come of that? I can’t believe how fast the year flies by.

Anyway, right now I’m just trying to get the temperature of who might be there, and how interested they might be in getting together some 1%er events.


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  1. Well crapfest. Me and my wife are tentatively scheduled to head up to Oregon around that time. The thing is she just changed jobs and may not be able to go. If she can’t go, I can make this (and I would really love to as I’ve had a really good time the one time I hit it). If we can go I will have to duck out but will mark my fricking calendar for 2018. It would be really cool to see/hang with all the Arizona folks!

  2. I would play Dirty Secrets with Jason Corley. 😀

    Brendan Conway and I will both be there as special guests! Derrick Kapchinsky and Justin Rogers will also be in attendance, I think.

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