The 7th Continent

The 7th Continent

One of my long delayed Kickstarter projects finally arrived. No idea what excited me about it, what, two years ago? But here it is, great honking heavy box and little expansion boxes.

I think it’s solo-able.

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  1. Be sure to heck their website for the errata which have been discovered since it started arriving at backers! Packs of corrected cards will be included in the upcoming 2nd KS run.

  2. 1350 cards, iirc. There are relatively few errata for the cards, all things considered. The forums on their site are the best place to investigate/report any bugs you might find (most reported bugs aren’t really bugs, though).

  3. Now that i’m back on a computer, rather than the tablet, here are a couple links:

    Downloads, including errata: – The 7th Continent – Serious Poulp


    BGG’s forums are (predictably) far more active, but the 7C forum is “more official” (in particular if you can read French). The designer answers questions on both, but he also has at least one moderator handling questions on the 7C forum, so official answers appear there more quickly, more often than not.

  4. I just opened the box and the expansions.

    Holy guacamole is that a fuckton of cards. Loving the look of the whole thing and the organizer that comes with, though.

    Man board games are nice these days. Also huge honking boxes. My last three purchases, in order: The 7th Continent, Wasteland Express Delivery Service, Mechs vs Minions. They take up as much space as 7 or 8 classic eurogames.

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