R-Map Revisioning

R-Map Revisioning
Sagas of the Icelanders

First shot is the raw results of the first session relationship questions. Second is all the same information, normalized into a more traditional family tree type arrangement.

I really like this process! Things that jumped out:

* It’s a more compact presentation. That highlights for me how claustrophobic the setting (currently) is.

* Doing the wives in blue highlights unexplained stubs for me to pull in later. Marriages are alliances between families after all.

* The red lines are the juicy bits, the “not boring” relationships like we talked about last week. Not as many as I thought! This reinforces for me that it’s the proportion of normal/factual and juicy connections that’s core to the secret sauce.

* Less clear to me now are the unstable triangles. When I’m doing the rough draft, they are literal triangles, you know? Rurik and Sven and Tyr. Groa and Rurik and Fura. And so on. It’s sort of there still, but it’s on me to recognize and remember the family tree relationships, who is whose uncle and aunt and stepmother and all that.

I think I may do a fresh revision every session. My butcher paper roll is plenty big.

The original r-map from setup.
The revised r-map, focused on homesteads and other map features.

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