I was chatting with Mark Diaz Truman​ about Urban Shadows, trying to get a bead on when all those stretch goals might get delivered. But of course I don’t actually care about the city guides. I care about the playbooks.

I don’t know what it is about fucking playbooks! AW, MH, every time and I’ll bet I’m not alone: I get antsy about completing the collection. Even when I know I’ll never use them all. Even when I don’t especially like them.

Totally the same way about boardgames, but it’s much more expensive because it usually involves chits or cards. If I know there’s a promo or expansion or extra whatever available, I won’t be settled until it’s in hand. Even for games I don’t pay any more. It’s the big reason I got out of CCGs, honestly.

Isn’t that crazy? Some borderline OCD or hoarding impulse at work I guess.

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  1. Ditto, I started out with a notebook to archive playbooks. Eventually I ran out of coverslip pages. Now it’s all on dropbox (except a couple that might not have been released as PDFs).

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