No Thank You, Evil!

Oh my shit am I tired from July 4 road tripping and festivities, but we squeezed in a couple hours of my kid’s favorite game. It’s a live action experience every time now, even inside a hotel room.

Then she made me freeform the continuing adventures for three more hours of driving. My wife will never forgive either of us.

Neat improvised new mechanism: when they’re not sure what might happen (push a button, drink a potion, throw a switch), we switch to ur-PbtA resolution crossed with Cypher: 1-2 something truly terrible happens, 3-4 something dangerous but helpful happens, 5-6 something awesome happens. And you can spend one of your stats to get a +1 as always. (We’re still drifting the thing that Awesome, the helping stat, can always get spent after the roll.)

Oh oh and my kid finally figured out a way to figure out if it’s time to spend a Fun to recharge tokens: she asks me to show her the stack of tokens she stands to get, and if it’s not very big she waits. Attagirl.

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  1. Aaron Griffin it’s very focused on narrative and stoooories, because Cypher just doesn’t give you that many things to grab on to mechanics-wise. My kid happens to love stories so it’s a good match.

    When she’s a smidge better at math and reading I’ll try Hero Kids next.

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