Most #indieAF moment of #bigbadcon:

Most #indieAF moment of #bigbadcon:

I’m explaining the flow of Rachel E.S. Walton​’s Mars 244 game, mostly for the noobs. I’m going through the prologue, which is a mix of box text, instructions, and choices.

“And so I’ll pass the book to my left, and that player starts by reading some free verse poetry.”

There’s a pause. Vivian Paul​ says “Wait, you’re serious?”

Me: “Yup. Look.” I show the Act One page.

Vivian: “That is so indie.”

Me: “We’re gonna bring it dowwwwn.”

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  1. Once at Dreamation I started off a session of Dudebros & Douchebags by calling for a guided meditation, asking everyone to close their eyes, and really think about what the following means to them – then I put this song on:

    It was supposed to be a self-aware joke at the expense of pretentious indie games, but everyone went along with it so I pretended I was being serious, and the session went great.

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