#me_irl during Game Chef week.

#me_irl during Game Chef week.

My thanks and apologies to all my friends who put up with my endlessly bugging them. But it’s done! And it’s really good.

EDIT, DUH: this will be publicly listed someday so what the heck.


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  1. Ok, that’s pretty cool.
    i dig me some time travel.

    Have you read the Time Wars series by Simon Hawke? Because that’s the overall plot of this game.

  2. Matt Widmann oh gosh, a zillion years ago. Good reminder, thank you, I should look at them again.

    This was actually inspired by the Charlie Stross short story by the same name. HIs story had, like, battalions of soldiers showing up and it was bananas.

  3. Cool! Finally found someone else who has read them. I still have mine.

    Which book is the Stross story in? I need to check it out.

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