I’ve had the longest 7-9 kind of week…

I’ve had the longest 7-9 kind of week…

* Your kid has lice! You catch them in time but you almost burn the house down what do you doooo

* You keep your house from burning down but your air conditioner needs to be replaced what do you doooo

* Your suddenly unlivable house means you must now relocate your niece’s birthday party! You move it to the grandparents’ but they have a family friend die and must cancel all social engagements what do you doooo

If I were a player in my game I’d be so ready for a dungeon.

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  1. I’m not even scoring any XPs along the way. No hard misses, DW-style, and no way am I rolling my sexy AW stats. I’m smart and hot, right?

    Right? Hello?

  2. Dungeons are usually underground, which makes them cool, and full of treasure and beat devices, which makes them great for birthday parties.

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