$750 to get all-in on this. Every expansion plus the core game.

If I bought literally everything and split the cost eight ways (for the eight player full meal deal) we’d still be paying nearly $100 apiece.

Not a critique. Not at all. Just…whew.


16 thoughts on “HOLY BANANAS.”

  1. When I finally played it last year, I almost felt like I should kick a few bucks to the owner to defray the costs he incurred. Buy him a beer or two.

    I applaud the company’s attempts to chart the outer reaches of customers’ price sensitivity. I’m not opposed to tabletop games and RPGs costing $750, but it’s so hard to determine in advance if I’d get enough play to justify the price. It’s different with something like a PS4, which I know I’ll play for a considerable number of hours. Enough to feel comfortable with its (lower) price.

    For someone like you, Paul, who shows a high level of interest in replaying your board games and has a group of friends who will consistently play with you, this deal is at least worth considering.

  2. Now I’m curious… any chance you’ll talk yourself into this? Could make from some excellent posts, right? So, really, it would be like a… maybe like a tax write-off, yeah.

  3. Having split the price up over 4 years it doesn’t feel quite as rough… certainly if the first KS hadn’t delivered I wouldn’t have backed the second one…. and now they’re probably going to drag me back in, but I expect I’ll actually mostly be picking up expansions I didn’t get in the first or second go round.

    If you’ve got any questions about the game, or want words of advice that will tip you one way or the other in your consideration I’ll be happy to shower you with pros or cons of the game. (:

  4. Have we reached the point in the current Tabletop Boom where we need to think about depreciation tables and amortization costs of our games? 🙂

  5. With the dwindling middle class and the continuing rise of the super-rich, maybe $750 is actually a little low. It’s probably time to target venture capitalist nerds with a $50,000 kickstarter base tier. Hand crafted figures in dinosaur bone, money counters that are literal rubies, that sort of thing.

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  7. I have a lot of time for Sandy Peterson, the game is not bad, I dig the asymmetric factions, the miniatures may appeal more to some people, ultimately it possibly is the best Cthulhu themed boardgame…but as my friend (the owner) said “the bar is not very high for that”.

  8. I would be interested in what the secondary market is like. If you bought at full cost and had a reasonable assumption of resale at $500 maybe it’s not that bad. More like a year or two rental fee.

  9. FWIW I spent about $250 and $100 on the first two and I think it’d be about 200 more to get the missing stuff for me, so yeah about $150 ish cheaper than the all in (I don’t remember shipping exactly). That said, I doubt I’d sell the game unless I really needed money badly…

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