Space Wurm Vs Moonicorn: One Shot Sheets!

It wouldn’t be con prep without frantic last minute arts and crafts projects!

This is a proof of concept for an idea I have to streamline and decentralize setup for Space Wurm vs Moonicorn one shots. They’re ugly af but they give me what I want, I hope. 

0 thoughts on “Space Wurm Vs Moonicorn: One Shot Sheets!”

  1. Looks like a good idea to me. You could probably streamline them even further by removing options you’re less enthused about being the GM for, either on the whole, or for a specific one-shot.

  2. Very cool idea, when I ran this at a Con I just kinda winged most of the questions and let the players get weird. But for the one I needed hunters and threats for I went off the book. This looks cleaner and easier

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