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  1. I have to say, I kind of don’t like that becoming a precedent or expected or whatever. I mean it can make you feel good that they’re….not taking too much for themselves? Like, what would Harper have done with his ginormous BitD take? Do backers start feeling like they have a say in what a creator chooses to make on their project?

  2. Hm, good point. I’ll need to ponder that. My thought was that I’m often baffled at how KS goals are picked, so I like to be told “we picked this number because it’s the sum of all these numbers,” but you’re right that it could be used to shame or pressure certain creators.

    Like how people flip out when they find out that charities have to pay their CEOs a rate at least somewhat comparable to what they might get elsewhere, or else they can’t retain good CEOs.

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