Hot tip: the Kickstarter for a ttrpg based on this starts tomorrow.

Hot tip: the Kickstarter for a ttrpg based on this starts tomorrow.

It’s north African flavored sci-fi adventure built on the Mutant: Year Zero engine.

Read that again.

I’m hyperventilating into a paper bag.

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  1. So Google’s translation is leaving me a bit confused: is this a pen and paper product or is it a video game? Either works for me, but I’m getting conflicting signals from the website and from the forum post.

  2. I couldn’t read the forum. Read the OP and thought…please never buy an RPG again, fuck right the hell off, you and the munchkin shits you play with.

    I’m in a super cranky mood tonight….

  3. Paul Beakley I can’t find anything about an English version yet. I’m not saying it won’t be here eventually but the Swedish (new) version is just going to print.

    The link above is for a novel, not a game. It’s an ebook you can buy through amazon.

  4. The Swedish one was a tabletop rpg. The setting’s neat, the art is too. The rules didn’t do anything for me (in that they were pretty similar to other rule set, yet different enough that I couldn’t rely on my nerd schemata).

  5. This looks really intriguing. Your post has also led me in the direction of Mutant: Year Zero which looks like it could be just my thing; I’d disregarded it before thinking it basically the same as Mutant Chronicles which isn’t my cup of tea.

  6. In MYZ the push mechanic meant that certain bad results on the dice could damage / exhaust you, but only activated if you pushed. Don’t push — safe, do push — possibly tire yourself.

    The pray mechanic apparently gives the GM points to play with, but I’ve seen nothing as to how that works. Seems to be a completely different mechanic…ideally reflecting the change in theme.

  7. I backed it!

    Now I have to be sure that Pillar of Fire is categorically different as a game from this, while still being a far-future RPG inspired by African, Mesopotamian, Hindu, and Semitic mythology and traditions.

    Probably by having you play FRICKING DEMIGODS, but I’ll come up with other things too.

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