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  1. This looks like the perfect game for you. I’m passing cuz for this I’ll just run Star Wars. But for you, this is like everything you wanted 40k to be combined with what you loved from Mutant Zero.

  2. Watched the trailer, and while I’m very impressed with the story, tone and production values, I was kinda hoping to get an idea of the mechanics of the game itself.

    Edit ah, 3-4 headers down, it’s a hack of Mutant: Year Zero. Cool.

  3. Sean Gomes oh yeah…I’ve played so much MYZ that I feel like I’ve got a very strong handle on what they’re going for, between their own materials and that hilariously traddy forum thread I posted yesterday. So when they posted I just nodded along and slammed the BUY BACK button as hard as I could.

    Did you have a specific question? I can offer best guesses and informed speculation!

  4. Once I figured out what they were doing mechanically (rebranding/hacking their own game) then it was pretty straightforward. This is just personal preference, but when investing in a game I like to know about the gameplay as well as the fluff/theme. It just surprised me how far down their description I had to read before I waded out of the worldbuilding and into the actual game.

    Though it seems pretty obvious they’re relying on their world-building to do the heavy lifting.

  5. Sean Gomes oh yeah, I totally get that. And I’ve 100% rejected projects on exactly those grounds before! I don’t think they’re actually wrong, in terms of what works for fundraising: gorgeous art and imagination engagement sells way harder than Teh Roolz.

    Unless you’re you or me, then all that fluff shit looks like they’re covering for a bad game. (In this case you have my personal assurance they are not.)

  6. Chris Gardiner it actually does lay out the rules but I think it’s written with the assumption that you’ve played MYZ.

    If I were their marketing consultant I’d have had different advice. :-/

  7. Paul Beakley Agreed. They’re preaching to the choir with this one. And despite the assurance that the base game is good, as someone who’s new to MYZ I’m kinda leery.

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