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  1. I have it starred, mostly on the strength of the fantastic sounding setting. All I know about Mutant Year Zero is the name. Is it the same system? If I look up reviews of MYZ will they give me a sense of this system?

  2. Aaron Griffin I’ve talked extensively about Mutant: Year Zero in this collection. Maybe you weren’t following yet?

    It’s pretty easy, kind of a rich-die-pool thing mated to stuff that looks and acts a leeeetle bit like PbtA (roleplaying is a conversation, these are the GM’s principles, here are skills that kind of look like moves but really they’re skills anyway, playbooks with exclusive options). MYZ has one small player-driven economy in it that I think works extremely well: if you miss a roll you can take the failure but not the bad symbols on the dice OR you can gamble, roll again, but if you miss again you’re stuck with all the bad symbols. Apparently there’s a different player-driven economy in Coriolis that has to do with prayer/supplication, because there’s this pseudoreligious undertone to the setting (gods are probably ascended super-races).

    There’s this thing where you can cash in successes (6es) on “stunts,” which feels a lot like Edge of the Empire. I’m assuming that carries over.

    It borrows a little from lots of places and IMO is fairly lightweight regardless.

    MYZ is my current favorite easy-to-play system that actually uses dice. I’m a bigger fan of more challenging systems but this one gets so much right.

  3. Paul Beakley the mutant wasteland thing isn’t really my bag, so I didn’t really process those posts well enough to get a feel for the system independent of the setting.

    Does it actually use custom dice like some of the FFG stuff?

    I’m gonna snag the MYZ quickstart thing on drivethru and page through it

  4. Aaron Griffin yeah, MYZ uses custom dice. I’m not sure that Coriolis does/will, though. They’re not offering them in the KS, which tells me the system might differ there as well. I hope not! I love the rich dice.

  5. Mark Delsing in MYZ they’re only very gently enriched: 6s and 1s mean things, and they’re color coded for stat, skill or gear. The colors matter most; if you have those dialed, you can roll any d6es.

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