0 thoughts on “Have you voted for Urban Shadows yet? ENnies voting is open!”

  1. Joe Beason mostly I like to use these things as leads on games maybe I hadn’t heard about. It’s getting easier all the time! Because it’s all crap I’ll never care about.

    Aaron Griffin​ yeah me too. Or stuff put out by friends that maybe I haven’t actually read yet. It’s an utterly corrupt process.

  2. As I have always told you, all gaming awards are trash and should be put in the garbage, but you don’t see me putting in the effort and money to make a good one.

  3. If I could figure out how to not go broke and/or make lifelong enemies doing it, I’d love to put together an awards program.

    Then there’s the question of credibility and commercial value. You’d have to market the awards to publishers and stores alike. Not impossible, The Dice Tower did it.

  4. I experienced something similar last Easter when the biggest game magazine in Sweden decided to host an Award at GothCon. Fans and readers of the magazine had submitted names and titles for a month or so and this whole Award ceremony boiled down to ridiculous because when the person presenting (for example) the “nominees for best artwork” and the list 12 people… You have to start wondering (at least I did): “Is there even a single artist NOT nominated? And if there IS… How mean to mention everyone but them.”

    It gets to a point where listing nominees stops serving its purpose and should just be skipped.

  5. Judd Karlman those things don’t have to be incompatible!

    Although given the selection the ENnies offer up, it is kind of true when it comes to mainstream gaming. Lots and lots of the same play experience happening inside different settings, with systems not especially well tuned to their fiction.

    They were right! System really doesn’t matter. :-/

  6. I would seriously consider any game nominated for an award based on actually playing a number of games. Wouldn’t even have to only be new games.

  7. Like “Best campaign-length game based on the last 10 campaigns Paul Beakley has been involved in” is more important to me than an ENnie.

  8. I ignore categories where I don’t know a game and want to see it win. Occasionally, I hate vote. Vote for everyone in a category but someone.

  9. There’s one product that I’d never heard of that is: 1) up for multiple awards, and 2) made by someone I really don’t like. This made me feel kinda happy, because it means that I’ve done a good job curating my social media feeds.

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