Greg Stafford has died.

Greg Stafford has died.

The founder of Chaosium, Greg was the designer and co-designer of a host of influential RPGs including RuneQuest, BRP, Pendragon, Ghostbusters, as well as the creator of Glorantha. Along with Sandy Petersen, he was also responsible for turning Chaosium around in 2015.

Rest in peace, Greg. You touched many, many lives, including mine.

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  1. Very sorry to hear the news. Probably the game designer who had the greatest impact on me personally. His games showed me that deep settings could support fun play, and that “who a character is” can be just as interesting–in a game–as what they can do. My longest running campaigns as a GM were RuneQuest and Pendragon, and I met some of my closest friends as the result of posting a flyers for Runequest players in the local game store. Hearing gaming’s great shaman read his tales aloud at a convention sent chills down my spine.

    I’m glad he was able to see legacy get on back on a firm footing.

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