Fall of Magic

Fall of Magic

Hey hey quick question to the storynerds: I know Fall plays up to 4, but is it best at 4? I might have 3 interested tonight, and I’m kind of itching to get it on the table. Opinions? Experiences? Ross Cowman?

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  1. Me either. Just eyeballing it based on how three player Life on Mars played out (it was fine), the only thing I can see is that a) it might run a little faster (yay) and b) you might not get as deep into the locations or relationships or whatever else you’re focusing on.

  2. Hmm, I think you might get more interconnected stories with fewer different additional primary characters.

    If you want more depth at the locations, just keep doing activities at the location. Just because you are now allowed to move the magus, doesn’t mean you have to, the story of that location might not be finished.

  3. I’ve enjoyed 3 and 2, although with 2 you may want to pick from the same start category (and obviously beeline for that area). I don’t know that 4 is ‘best’ per se, depends on what you have as travelers.

  4. Oh yeah I forgot you can keep poking around as long as you want in a location.

    I’m feeling iffy on the interconnectedness of the character stories just looking at the book and the map (a little). I guess you get as much or as little of that as you want? Mars felt the same way, although the trips in the rover obligated two characters to travel together, which I thought was very clever. Am I remembering that right?

  5. For me I liked having other players in scenes, with fewer players, the links between the characters might become more developed. The magus, seems to be a macguffin to bring the characters together, but the story is about these characters on this journey… Or maybe that’s my bias, leading me a certain direction.

    Though you are correct, it’s only as much as the players put into connecting the characters.

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