The upcoming Thanksgiving weekend is mostly going to be a babysitting marathon so I stocked up on some heavy boardgame time yesterday.

Forbidden Stars is still awesome and frustrating. FFG rules and I don’t see eye to eye that well, and even after a dozen plays I still run into new discoveries about fundamental procedures. Frustrating. I just want to feel like I’m confident of the rules, and I never do. Might finally have it nailed down now. Victory to the glorious Ultramarines, with an asterisk.

And I forgot how deliriously great Mage Knight is! How could I have forgotten? Because it takes hours to play and gives me a headache, that’s why. Anyway, still deliriously great. Finally got to play Krang, which was the next-to-last expansion character. Krang kind of sucks! Haven’t picked up the very latest addition yet.

10 thoughts on “Heavy”

  1. Brian Casey​ Make sure to read the “most overlooked rules” threads on BGG. Forgetting little things like “can only own 3 tokens of each kind” can really change the dynamics completely.

  2. Oh yeah, that’s  a big one. 3x asset tokens, correct Rout resolution, ship capacity of voids, how and when to exceed planet capacity, etc etc etc.

    Sometimes I think being deep into Starcraft tbg is screwing me up worse than if I’d just gotten into this one straight.

  3. That’s what I mean about fundamental procedures being hard to keep straight. Some of that is on me, but I place a lot of blame at FFG’s feet as well. There’s just something…missing or incorrect or whatever about their teaching methodology.

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