The only way I could come up with to address the crime of Jonathan Perrine​​ not getting folks to sit the fuck down and get their baby dragons on last weekend was to table it here. And it was our last night of the Indie Game Reading Club’s GOH MadJay Brown​​ ‘s visit. So: fuck yeah baby dragons.

I disappoint myself regularly by consistently underestimating what my players will try. I think I have a little residual Mouse Guard damage or something. But it seemed like we all dug in, supported each other (I really need to write again sometime about the space between Star Players and Good Players), had a very satisfying one shot. It left me wishing there would be another session, which is one of my metrics of a successful event.

Wish I’d photographed Jon’s uh rather elaborate array of props he’s accumulated on his journey to become The World’s Best Epyllion DM. Never thought that literally anything small and consistent (beads, stones, buttons, whatever) could serve as friendship crystals. Genius! I got to be hematite.

Combined with this weekend’s Space Wurm vs Moonicorn experience, though, I’m thinking long and hard about the big picture of PbtA games’ setup-is-play thing. It is imo ripe for design innovation, particularly in response to the needs of convention play.

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  1. I would be VERY interested in hearing your thoughts on Good vs. Star Players, Paul. I’ve struggled a great deal with defining what it is that an excellent player brings to the table. Apologies for being tangentially off-topic.

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