End of Year Roundup

Huh…I think this was a year of lots of long-run games. I expected the list to be much longer! But a few of these were 6-10 sessions long and that really bites into my novelty-at-all-costs time.

No Thank You, Evil! (ongoing ad-hoc “campaign” with my kid and wife, mostly it has continuity)

Sagas of the Icelanders (one shot and a campaign)

Space Wurm vs Moonicorn (a couple one shots and campaign)

The Secret Project (currently not called anything but it involves knights who are also monsters)

Inheritance (facilitated, does that count?)

Urban Shadows (idiotic late-night pickup game in ABQ)

Dungeon Crawl Classics (wut)

Fate Star Wars (a really, really marvelous experience with a delightful table)

Fallout Shelter (PbtA + Lego superhack)

Torchbearer (campaign)

Serpent’s Tooth (one shot at RinCon in Tucson and for the life of me, I cannot remember anything else I ran or played there other than SWvM)

Epyllion (one-shot)

Apocalypse World (campaign)

Zombie World (one shot)

7th Sea (one shot)

That’s it? Really? Weird. How about you?

8 thoughts on “End of Year Roundup”

  1. No way this is the whole list. How did I not record what I played at either con this year? Damn!

    This is more frustrating than my fitbit ignoring my floors if there aren’t at least 15 steps.

  2. That also happened.

    This year we mostly have five players, which might be one adult too many to consistently schedule. It’s a real problem and I’m thinking about how to deal with it.

  3. My RPG gaming this year was relatively lite in the variety dept. Two different 5e games, Various one off games of Fate and a semi-continuous one with kiddo and Star Wars Edge of the Empire oh and a couple one offs of Feng Shui 2. Only got to one con and played a a few more games there.

  4. I mostly played Mageblade and Dwarfland. Because playtesting. I’m keen on reading Saga of the Icelanders.

    Also Gangs & Bullshit is I feel being processed in the back of my head. As I’m getting better, I feel the urge of writing getting back.

  5. Let’s see…

    • Masks (campaign)
    • Blades in the Dark (campaign)
    • World Wide Wrestling (mini campaign, & one shot)
    • Star Trek Adventures (a couple one shots)
    • 44 (one shot)
    • Doctor Who (one shot)
    • Burning Wheel (one shot)
    • Sorcerer (one shot)
    • Dogs in the Vineyard (one shot)
    • City of Mist (one shot)
    • Swords without Master (one shot)
    • Age of Rebellion (one shot)

    That’s honestly more than I thought I’d done this year, and I still feel like I’m forgetting stuff? A surprising number of one shots this year — a pleasant surprise, really.

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