Pour one out for Xirv and Amethyst, our first two causalities. Second dungeon, first attempt to integrate the Level X ability cards, first time I really felt like folks in the party can be untrustworthy. It’s aggravating and excellent at the same time! I wasn’t sure if the private motives (personal quest, xps, checks, gold) would be enough to shape play but … It was. And I’m not blameless in my death! I had a secret battle goal of “pacifist” so I tried my level best to be a good support, but spellweavers are awesome cannons.

Onward and downward!

9 thoughts on “Gloomhaven”

  1. Yeah, higher stakes. It’s not that high yet, which is why we were okay with one dumb death. I lost 16 xp and some gold, meh, whatever. What I really mourned was the loss of my accumulated expertise in the abilities.

    I picked up the mindthief and it’s bewildering!

  2. Hmmm how to executive summary a 35 minute stream of consciousness spiel that ranged all over.

    I think the non-poetic bullet points would be

    1) legacy bits that enhance the game experience rather than being the game experience.

    2) alot of time spent trying to wrap thoughts around how a box that full of fiddly bits could also be an elegant design.

    3) An ultimate conclusion that the adminstrative overhead both increases in volume and becomes less meaningful in impact as you increase player count.

  3. Yeah, the one big question he posed was whether it couldn’t have been half the size so that it’s more manageable and more players get the whole experience. But for him it works to get a unique experience where you don’t get to see everything. For me, I figure it will too.

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