Dreamation (Friday)

First event of my first Dreamation was pretty good I think! Good old Sagas of the Icelanders, pretty much a guaranteed good time.

Terrible picture, tiny room, but once again I landed an all star table: Jason Morningstar​​​​​, Mikael Andersson​​​​​, Keith Stetson​​​​​, M. P. O’Sullivan​​​​​, and Catherine Ramen​​.

The game requires a fairly firm grip on the tiller but it’s just so satisfying to watch it come together. My dream was to get Jason to play the so-called problematic Man playbook, but Mikael did and he did great with it.

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  1. You’re grossly underselling by “pretty good I think”, at least from my POV. It was brutal and vicious and even sweet at times. I loved it. Thanks for running and everyone else for playing.

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