Divine Favor (a BW Scenario/Campaign)

Running up to Dreamation 2016, I fell deep, deep down a research hole. I wanted to do an elaborate Burning Wheel scenario for the con, and gosh did I overshoot. It was, well…it was too elaborate for a four hour slot. And I had to spend a lot of time teaching folks how to play Burning Wheel. But the scenario was solid…as long as you planned on playing the game for, I dunno, five or six sessions.

Here are my notes for Divine Favor, my scenario that’s really a campaign frame. The elevator pitch: It’s the year 750, and you’re in a small fortress tucked away in the eastern foothills of the Pyrenees, aka Aquitaine. It’s a tiny moment of semi-peace among Christians, Jews and Saracens. Pepin the Short, the king of the Franks, will bring independent Aquitaine to an end next year.

The pregens are a mix of folks from all the cultures present at this trading crossroads. Also, one of the characters is a werewolf.

Is this something you’d like to see more of in the future? I’m still experimenting with content!

Link to the PDFs on Google Drive.

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