I Ran Meridian

I’m sitting here digesting breakfast and waiting to catch the BART back to the airport, so I thought I’d talk about my last two games of the con.

I ran Christian Griffen​’s Meridian in the morning for the very first time. I warned the table and everyone seemed cool with the occasional rules reference and hmmm time. Happily it runs pretty smoothly right out of the box.

So Meridian is essentially a psychedelic travelogue game. One player is the Journeyer, who has found themselves wandering the trippy city of Meridian. One player is the Guide, which is like a very limited GMish role. And everyone else, up to three, starts as a Touch, kind of co-GMs. The Touches pace out each visit to a location by playing cards (Cadences, there are lots of capitalized terms of art in the game), and can become Companions, with new rules and cards.

It’s a really nice one-shot event and there’s a lot of replayability built into the setup: you can mix and match card sets and see what emerges. We ran the super-straightforward setup Christian recommended.

Time to head to the airport, more later.

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  1. I’m glad it went smoothly for you!

    I’m also happy we got a chance to meet and talk! I wish I didn’t have to abort my trip so suddenly so we could have chatted some more.

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