I have no idea how to answer today’s #rpgaday #rpgaday2017 question about what game I’ve played the most. First question that’s left me truly stumped.

Probably there are folks who have found, fell in love with and maintained a relatively monogamous relationship with a favorite game. That perspective is utterly alien to me. I know I’ve gone through years-long stretches of total dedication: there were the GURPS years, the Hero years, the Exalted years, generically speaking a very long stretch of World of Darkness years. Some very dedicated Rolemaster years at the end of high school and through college. Several Traveller years. Probably a handful of years, total, of D&D in the early years but damned if I can remember what my life was like in 1979. That was 40 years ago!

Nothing makes me feel older than realizing I’d already played, digested and moved on from more games by the time some of my readers were born than they’ve played in their entire lives.

Sorry, weak day today. Hope folks are having a good time @ GenCon.

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  1. Same.

    I mean, I suspect the answer is either D&D (only game I knew of for almost a decade) or Shadowrun and the entire summer vacations doing nothing but playing.

    But I don’t actually know, and both of those periods of play were over 20 years ago. (30 for D&D).

    So… yea. Maybe I will try to calculate how many hours I have spent gaming total.

    … Or maybe not, as the number is likely to be frightening.

  2. Brand Robins when my mind drifts that way I either start thinking about all the advanced degrees I could have earned, or all the money I certainly could have gamed out of the stock market.

  3. Would you count different versions of the same game the same? That is, does OD&D, AD&D2, 3.5, pathfinder, 4th edition, 5th edition all count as D&D? What about Powered by the Apocalypse… would you count Monsterhearts, Night Witches and other PBTA as Apocalypse World?

    Yeah, this question is basically impossible.

  4. Yeah.

    Differences between PbtAs tend to be either conceptually quite small or huge, so even within that category I would have no idea.

    D&D is, I believe, perfectly compatible forward and backward, which has been a point of friction for the folks who want to see the game evolve into something different. By design it cannot. So I’d say those are all the same, with very small conceptual steps to get into Pathfinder or 13th Age.

    All the WoD games are cross-compatible-ish, but they also have huge subsystems that get bolted on. Really don’t know about that one but I do think of “WoD” as one game.

    I can’t help but read the question as “have you played anything other than D&D?” Which is probably unfair but that’s my take.

  5. Fuck, that’s right, probably WoD? There were weeks and weeks where we would play for hours almost every night of the week. Wow, I’d kind of forgotten how much of that we played…

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