An Embarrassment of Riches

I have a ridiculous number of games I want to play and I want to play them all right now.

But holidays, amirite? Just impossible to get folks together in any predictable way. So I’m planning and thinking and mostly getting ready for a slew of one-shots until the end of the year.

My process is ridiculous and overwrought. It’s a combination of mixing up rules styles (mostly this means bouncing between PbtA and not-PbtA), mixing up genres, and servicing the preferences of my players. Mostly my players are totally awesome and flexible. Occasionally they lie to me.

One-Shot Candidates
Uncharted Worlds — leaning toward this next
Ryuutama — or this
Meridian (4-5p)
Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine
The Warren
Montsegur 1244 (6p! My locals have never played!)
Soth (4-5p)
Apocalypse World 2nd Edition

3+ Session Candidates
The Clay That Woke
Space Wurm vs Moonicorn
Wrath of the Autarch
Burning Wheel (but for fuck’s sake let someone else run this)
Apocalypse World 2nd Edition
Night Witches (I want to run the full campaign so bad)
…and maybe pick up The One Ring again at some point

Come on 2017, let the extended games begin again. #gamestoplayin2017

0 thoughts on “An Embarrassment of Riches”

  1. This is my life year round. Finally found a good gaming place that isn’t too far away so I can meet my gametester responsibilities. And probably a half gig of stuff to still read.

  2. Let me know what you think of Uncharted Worlds. From the +1 Forward podcast it seemed too fiddley to me with many of the moves making it seem too much like D&D in space. (But I haven’t read the game).

  3. Paul Beakley I’m sorry. My second comment was made when I still didn’t see the tag added to your post. I imagine you added it before I commented and now we’re just cross talking and confusing each other?


  4. I’m finding myself wanting to know how to play games without reading them. Please just download Uncharted Worlds and The Veil into my brain so I can see if I will like them.

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