Finally got to play with five, and it’s really neat. I love seeing all the weird minigames interacting, thinking about when to pursue our own thing versus interfering with someone else. Every experience at the table feels unique. I did play the Dragon, again, and I’m pretty good at it but it’s starting to get same-y. The Knight, which is usually an easy game, had a hell of a time getting traction against the goblins and cave. Mostly it ended up being a close fight between me and the Thief, which is the new position we hadn’t seen in play before. It’s way faster than we realized. 

9 thoughts on “Vast”

  1. Does it feel pretty well balanced? It felt like a couple of the roles had an easier time than the others, but I’ve only played once, so today could easily be an experience issue.

  2. Andy Hauge it is. A bit ancillary, that is. Mostly the deal is that he can’t really interact with anyone else. Oh, he can pickpocket other roles, that’s a thing. But, like, it doesn’t have that rock-paper-scissors thing that the other four roles have. I did like it though! It added a lot of urgency to the game we didn’t really experience before.

    I did get to eat him, once, as the Dragon. He hadn’t dropped his loot level yet so I got three additional cards afterward. It was a very good turn to be a Dragon.

  3. Cool! My favorite bit about the Thief is reading his bits in the “consequences” sections of other characters. Like, “When the Dragon does X, the goblins lose members and scatter, the knight takes a wound…and the Thief dies.”

    It became laugh-out-loud funny to our group, just how many things the Thief dies to. (Hint: EVERYTHING.)

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