Mechs vs Minions

Mechs vs Minions

Would you look at these ridiculous little mechs?

I have no idea what the backstory is, if there is one. Fully cooperative sorta-kinda legacy version of good old Roborally, where you work together to solve an ever more elaborate puzzle. Then you open a sealed envelope and learn more crazy tricks to solve an even more elaborate puzzle. Minions are a part of the story. I know nothing of League of Legends, who produced this game, but one of our players walked in tonight, took one look, and said “oh it looks like League of Legends.” I’ll Google it later.

We got through the tutorial and could not solve the first sealed envelope. First attempt was ridiculously close but one player misread his command line (the river of cards you’re accumulating through the game to achieve your goal) and we lost at the last moment. Then we ran out of time, sad emoji.

I thought Scythe was overproduced but this is something else entirely. And somehow not outrageously priced. Well it is expensive but lordy, you should see the inside of this coffin box.

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  1. I played this with some colleagues. At one point during the first-envelope mission, things were looking dire and Eric turned to me and said, “We’re programmers. If we can’t beat this out I think we have to resign.”

    The soundtrack was a bit cringy. I seem to recall some light sexual harassment in there for no real reason.

  2. It’s interesting! I think they should have definitely reversed the first two envelope missions: the second one is really a “you can mess around and slowly figure out what you’re doing before winning”, while the first one is pretty easy with a precise plan, and easy to screw up otherwise.

    I’m enthralled with how good the tutorial is at teaching the game: you are playing the game within what, like 2 minutes?

  3. Moe Tousignant yeah,I stumbled into its existence researching legacy games. Looking for something to replace Seafall and tide us over until Gloomhaven.

  4. I knew about the game the day it launched. They marketed that really well. I just never remember to actually sit down and order it when I’m shopping for games.

  5. Aaron Stafford maybe they will. The game came out in november and is being translated in a few other languages (translated ressources are already available online). Riot Games isn’t a boardgame producer though, and MvM was an experiment (albeit a quite successful one), we don’t know what their future plans are.

  6. Oh jeez, everyone knows about yordles and stuff? I feel so behind! And old. I feel old.

    Have you kids seen this amazing card game going around? Apparently it’s collectible, like the baseball cards of my youth. Some kind of satanic magic theme thing, dunno, seems pasted on.

  7. Paul Beakley everyone does or has…lol I just got back into it after a 3 year break because my girlfriend spontaneously said “I want to be your support character in a game!” she games but we don’t often play MOBA games together or any team games, just couch coop, tabletop, and our solo campaign games like Fallout for me and civ for her.

  8. Oh man just watched an unboxing of this game. There is a really awesome boss mech. Yes I will buy this if for no other reason than to have a certain figurine.

  9. Yeah, it’s got an explicit DO NOT OPEN sticker on it. And of course a big bit of weapon is kind of poking out the front to make you scared/eager to open it.

  10. Paul Beakley I guess, honestly though it just scored Riot a sell. I was on the fence leaning toward not getting it. but then I saw that video and that the game has 1 thing that I would pay $75 for alone…sold

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