Fourth Go: The Dragon!

So far, my least favorite of the roles you can play solitaire. You have a huge menu of effects you can produce from your hand of “powers” (ie suits: claw, wing, flame), most of which don’t matter at all for the solitaire game. Mostly you’re just exposing as much of the map as possible to move cubes from your three “sloth” tracks — but no more than once per track per turn! — to eventually awaken and escape to the surface to win the game.

The sloth tracks are very amusing! There’s one for discovering treasure, another for eating goblins, and a third for exposing event-tagged tiles. There are also a couple one-time triggers as well, one for not moving at all and another for placing a Dragon Gem, which is a permanent use-whenever symbol for each of the three powers/suits.

Well so since there are no goblins, you can’t actually eat them to advance that track. So you have to use the “slither” effect (flame + claw symbols) to move cubes between the tracks. And since there’s nobody else on the map who might mess with you, your Dragon Gems are perfectly safe all game — I can imagine having to contend with the Knight, the Goblins and the Thief all messing with your Gems would be aggravating and interesting!

It was at the very least a useful learning experience for teaching Vast, which I’m gonna do to night! No fifth player, so no Thief. Sad! /trump

I can’t imagine not playing through the roles solitaire before teaching them at the table, ye gawds. Keith Stetson is totally right that it’s mind boggling all at once.

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