T.I.M.E. Stories

T.I.M.E. Stories

I picked this up because my time travel fetish is insatiable. Something I super love about the way TIME Stories is set up is that the insert is built to save your game mid-game and pick it up later.

I want to play it soon but now I’m worried: just how long is a typical adventure? Ideally I’d like to get through a game in a single 3-hour-or-so sitting. Is that gonna happen or should I plan on multiple evenings of grinding it out?

I’m also skeptical that I can save the game w/o inadvertently revealing stuff or spilling the cards or whatever. Since I’m being a good boy and leaving the sealed deck SEALED until we sit down to play, maybe I’m assuming the cards reveal too much. Dunno.


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  1. Time is really dependent on how well you do. We messed up a lot, and it took us two nights. You don’t need to use the save mechanism, if you stop between runs, though.

  2. No? You just call it a failure and start over? 

    I thought there were persistent game-state things that mattered. Gear or whatever. Don’t spoil it wit your answer! 🙂

  3. Adding to the data. We ran through the first mission in right around 3 hours. That was with 2 of us. I imagine it could fluctuate depending on the number of people. More time for debating, but potentially less time for making more optimal decisions from the hivemind.

    I feel like the second mission (Marcy Files) took around the same. We played a couple hours with 4 people, but we had to call it a night. Then we came back with 3 of us (4th wasn’t likely to make it any time soon) and finished it in another hour or so probably.

    p.s. I absolutely love, love, love the game. I can’t wait to get the third mission, but my local game store still doesn’t have a street date for it yet.

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