The Great Purge

The Great Purge

First Dibs

Okay friends, friendly acquaintances and Collection followers, here it is: my next Great Purge. I have no idea what shipping is on these things but there are some heavy boxes in here.

If you’re interested, hit me up. I will make deals for multiple items. Everything is punched, bagged, organized, and in excellent condition. Ask questions, I’m here a lot. I take Paypal.

I will let this sit here one week, then it’s going on eBay.

Historia $30

Exodus: Proxima Centauri $30

Android (yes the original FFG storytelling game thing, not Netrunner) $30

D&D Attack Wing + Wave 1 $100 (Wave 1 includes: Dwarven Ballista, Frost Giant, Green Dragon, Hobgoblin Troop, Sun Elf Troop, Sun Elf Wizard, and Wraith)

Seasons + Enchanted Kingdom expansion $50

Mage Wars + Forcemaster & Warlord + Conquest of Kimanjaro $70

Redacted $30

Arctic Scavengers + HQ + Recon $15

Edison & Co. $10

Zombies!!! 1st Edition $5 (you’re really just buying the zombies, the whole game’s in there but the old rules)

Starcraft: tbg + Brood War $425 (YES THAT STARCRAFT)

Tide of Iron (FFG) + Normandy + Days of the Fox + Designer Series Vol 1 $140 (and it is a very, very heavy box, be warned re shipping)

Risk: Lord of the Rings $15 (not the Trilogy Edition!)

Warmachine: High Command $15

Mississippi Queen + Black Rose $80

Queen’s Necklace $25 (Days of Wonder edition)

Eminent Domain + Escalation $40

22 thoughts on “The Great Purge”

  1. Darn. I might have gone for Netrunner. I don’t see Queen’s Necklace in the picture. Which version is it? If it’s the Days of Wonder version, you’re giving people a really good deal!

  2. Paul Beakley I’m interested in Exodus: Proxima Centauri. Please let me know how much USA shipping is. Will send particulars if it’s still available.

  3. Hmm… I may have misspoken. It depends on where you’re looking. The Amazon prices are crazy, but everywhere else it’s priced pretty reasonably.

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