Hey everyone! Hey!

Hey everyone! Hey!

I’m selling a lot of stuff. This share includes some more details and I’ve marked what’s been sold.

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The Great Purge

First Dibs

Okay friends, friendly acquaintances and Collection followers, here it is: my next Great Purge. I have no idea what shipping is on these things but there are some heavy boxes in here.

If you’re interested, hit me up. I will make deals for multiple items. Everything is punched, bagged, organized, and in excellent condition. Ask questions, I’m here a lot. I take Paypal.

I will let this sit here one week, then it’s going on eBay.

Historia $30

Exodus: Proxima Centauri $30

Android (yes the original FFG storytelling game thing, not Netrunner) $30

D&D Attack Wing + Wave 1 $100 (Wave 1 includes: Dwarven Ballista, Frost Giant, Green Dragon, Hobgoblin Troop, Sun Elf Troop, Sun Elf Wizard, and Wraith)

Seasons + Enchanted Kingdom expansion $50

Mage Wars + Forcemaster & Warlord + Conquest of Kimanjaro $70

Redacted $30

Arctic Scavengers + HQ + Recon $15

Edison & Co. $10

Zombies!!! 1st Edition $5 (you’re really just buying the zombies, the whole game’s in there but the old rules)

Starcraft: tbg + Brood War $425 (YES THAT STARCRAFT)

Tide of Iron (FFG) + Normandy + Days of the Fox + Designer Series Vol 1 $140 (and it is a very, very heavy box, be warned re shipping)

Risk: Lord of the Rings $15 (not the Trilogy Edition!)

Warmachine: High Command $15

Mississippi Queen + Black Rose $80

Queen’s Necklace $25 (Days of Wonder edition)

Eminent Domain + Escalation $40

11 thoughts on “Hey everyone! Hey!”

  1. Mikael Andersson yuuuup, right? I’m going to need to eBay it I think.

    Ralph Mazza​ nice! Mine hadn’t seen play since the first W administration.

  2. My eldest son has a copy sitting on our board game shelf, I think we’ve played it maybe three times in 8 years?

    I should give him a heads-up. $400 buys a lot of weak shitty fruit beer or whatever he’s into these days.

  3. Mikael Andersson can you…tell him in a few weeks? 😉

    Actually, probably Canada has its own thing going on.

    Also: this includes the expansion, which is pretty hard to track down on its own.

  4. Unless you know you just didn’t care for it, if you haven’t played MQ in that long, you may want to get a session in before you sell it. It’s WAY more clever and a better game than it was ever given credit for.

    Once of the best race games ever made, IMO.

    …unless you already know you just didn’t like it.

  5. Ralph Mazza oh, dude, I love the game. It’s outstanding.

    It’s not getting played. It’s in the dark closed recesses of the library.

    Unfortunately I’m not in a place where I can literally keep everything that I liked. I liked nearly everything on this purge list.

  6. Sadz…I can’t bring myself to part with even games I wouldn’t want to play again even if I had time.

    …parting with stuff I actually like…

    You are made of sterner stuff than I…

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