The 7th Continent

The 7th Continent

Okay so seriously, fuck this first curse.

We played a couple more hours of The Voracious Goddess curse yesterday, for a total of, I’m guessing, about 30 hours total into this particular scenario. Only now did we actually find the goddamned location, which is where you have to go to learn how to cure yourself of the curse. We stumbled around a lot learning the game early on, then spent a lot of time just kind of poking around enjoying the exploration for a while, so by the time we decided to really knuckle down and dig into how to solve the scenario, we’d already invested kind of too much time into this.

Because we were all feeling burned out on it, I went ahead and Googled some spoilers. It turns out we were maybe halfway through the whole thing, and possibly quite a lot more. One repeated refrain online is that it’s sort of impossible to suss out what to do. Without getting into spoilers, this comes down to exploring pretty much every reachable terrain tile and maybe getting lucky.

Reading the playthroughs of course soured me on actually finishing it. I’m now pretty soured on trying again. We tore the whole thing down. Maybe I’ll bust it out later this year if we need something to kill time with.

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  1. It’s not trash, no.

    It’s delivering an experience I grew tired of having. The fans seem to be 100% on board with just soaking it up, wherever it may take you.

    I kind of get this way with a couple of the Time Stories scenarios, especially when I feel like the outcomes aren’t really impacted by my play.

    Maybe, possibly, if i was playing this solitaire I might just leave it set up all the time.

  2. Paul Beakley i was burned out the last couple of hours of that curse. Once i had all the pieces (somewhere around 25 hours), i knew where i had to go to end it, but didn’t have the energy to put into it (at least an hour of travel), so “warped” the party there. Had it turned out not to be the end, i would likely have tossed it into my fireplace. i haven’t touched it since then (still recovering!), but will revisit it (but never again that particular long-as-fu<< curse).

  3. Stephan Beal I’ve read more than once that the “first” curse is maybe the hardest! That seems crazy to me. But it does get me thinking about the pleasures and problems of tackling multiple curses at once.

  4. Paul Beakley the primary reason that the longest curse is first is so that you explore most of the island and gain some idea of where stuff is. Plus, you encounter all of the game’s mechanics. Good idea? i have mixed feelings about that. The other curses are all much shorter. At times the “trolling” by the game truly pissed me off – it telling me to do something, then kicking me in the balls for doing it. That teaches the player that curiosity will be punished more often than not, which is highly unfortunate.

  5. Stephan Beal yes! I ran into that a lot! Hey dig in this hole. Yeah go ahead, it’ll be awesome. Keep digging. Are you about 20 cards into that hole? Haha it’s a one-use relic, stupid.

  6. I like the technology behind the game. But the game is a bore, and I think our facilitator is overly strict in object stacking interpretation.

    When I want to play this kind of adventure, I play Dwarfland.

  7. Paolo Greco oh yeah, stacking rules seem super important for balance but also pretty arbitrary. We ended up house ruling a “meat stack” for accumulated food because it was such a drag to hunt, cook, tear down the board to reset the hunt, rinse, repeat, etc. Pointless gameplay.

  8. Those stacking rules make no sense whatsoever. Also, it’s impossible to stash stuff, which is something that you would do really often in those situations. It feels like a game designer that has never left a basement has been told what is in a survival book and decided to write a game about it.

    Pointlessly frustrating.

  9. Thanks for sharing. I backed the second wave with the expansion on Kickstarter (base game due to arrive in March) and I’ve never played before so ot really sure what to expdct. Interesting to see some opinions apart from wildly positive – gives nice contrast to expectations.

  10. Matthew Majeika it is, no doubt, a distinctive and unique gaming experience. Don’t regret backing it. Even if you turn against it (which you probably won’t, but possibly will), it will likely be after you’ve gotten you money’s worth!

  11. I backed the new KS too! Expectations are now thoroughly adjusted. Luckily there’s a sweet spot of games I like that Paul doesn’t. Hopefully this falls into that.

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