The 7th Continent

The 7th Continent

Solo Playthrough 2

Crawled onto shore with…four action cards left to draw. Not much life left. Made a fire to chase away my freezing condition. Found a fishing spot and recovered five cards from a decent catch, revealing a way harder version of the same card because this game wants to kill me.

Wandered over to look at cliff face keeping me from going deeper. Yeah…way too beat up for that. Wandered over to a weird hole next to a tree, which required I toss, well…all my cards to get whatever was at the bottom. Which turned out to be a weird fucking crown that made me paranoid as well as dumping tons of experience points on me.

I’ve never been given an opportunity to spend experience points. They’re purely notional as far as I can tell.

So when you run out of draws, you shuffle and draw off the discard deck. It’s all cool until you pull one of the five curse cards, which ends the game.

I figured out a decent trick to getting that fishing hole recharged (via close card reading) and with a very few cards back in my action deck (via close card reading, sensing a theme here) went fishing in the hopes of getting my deck rebuilt.

Aaand got attacked by a horned bear, which looks like it’d feed me for the next year. But…no. Pulled a curse card right off the top of the discards.

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  1. Looks like they’re launching another Kickstarter on the 26th. But it’s unclear if it’s some sort of new follow-up game or if it’s to raise funds for a whole new print-run with errata/updates and such.

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