The 7th Continent

The 7th Continent

Oh man the cartography bit of this game is now one of my favorite things! I’m a terrible artist and that hurts my heart, because there is so much lush (and important) detail hidden on these cards.

I restarted a solitaire game, this time with the security thug dude who had been on the fated, cursed initial foray onto the continent. Different set of skills for this character, although the mix is largely the same.

It is so interesting how different the game played out, even on the initial island. I got through it and onto the main continent much faster, knew where and how to recycle my used cards back into my action deck (the deck management is so similar to Mistfall, it’s spooky — but once it clicked over I was like…yeah, I know this game). Different events fired as I moved across the map, including a very handy free lifejacket. Oh and I finally poked the egg-covered body and found, sigh, one gear. Tried to plug it into the submarine but failed to lower the submarine into the water. Yes yes Adam Blinkinsop and everyone else who was laughing at me, I see now that the sub is not an escape craft. πŸ™

Hmmm…oh! Finally found my first camp-and-level-up spot. Yay! And I had a crapton of XPs to spend on my advanced skill cards. Regretting not stopping for the crown this time around, because that thing gave me a crapton of XPs as well. Probably could have added four cards if I’d drawn well.

So anyway, the mapping. Totally vital. Can’t imagine playing over the long term and not saving my notes via a map. I wish my art was better because tbqh my writing isn’t great and the space is small.

My other favorite discovery: a “you’re lost, stupid” event where you have to compare the art on two cards, add up the differences, and then see if you have in fact been on this path or not. Very clever! And man I was sure I’d found them all. Oh well. πŸ™

Looking forward to seeing how the game plays out with a reset and a livable number of cards still in my action deck. Might have to sleeve them as recommended because there is a lot of shuffling.

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  1. Paul Beakley A combination of both. I’m generally following the color schema presented on the standees, but taking some creative liberties to call them ‘my own’.

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