Shadows in the Forest

Shadows in the Forest

My little brother got this for Iris’ 7th birthday. It is ridiculously cool! I adore all the novel kid games that she’s able to play at this age.

The deal with Shadows is that one of you is the Seeker and everyone else plays the Shadowlings. The Seeker moves a tiny lantern around the map (it’s roll and move, with a glow in the dark die), and the Shadowlings scurry around the board trying to gather together in the same hiding space. The board has big cardboard trees, each space created by the tree is a hiding space, and you play in a pitch black room.

It’s a good game for a parent to play, because it takes a bit of discretion to tell exactly where the light touches. If the light ever touches a Shadowling, it’s “frozen” and you remove its mask. But other Shadowlings can scurry around in the shadows and, if they reach an unmasked buddy, can unfreeze it.

I thought playing with lots of Shadowlings would be easy for the Seeker but it’s actually incredibly hard. I was always able to keep one little critter hiding and eventually make it around to the frozen ones to unfreeze them. Next time I’ll cut my little dudes in half, and then it’s gonna be a challenge.

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  1. It’s pretty cool to see this new edition in action! It was released as “Waldschattenspiel” in the Eighties in Germany (or even earlier?), with a real candle, back then, naturally. I got it from a flea market a few years ago, but didn’t have much luck with my niece and nephew with it. They may have been too young.

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