22 thoughts on “Remind me who I’m supposed to blame for getting this.”

  1. Good news! It’s neither as ugly not as impenetrable as High Frontier.

    Which is not to say it’s either pretty or light. I’ll give it a read and a play sometime in April probably.

  2. Wish I could find a copy. Now waiting for the 3rd printing and maybe I can get a copy. The friend I knew who had it sold it for 3x what he paid so now no one has a copy.

  3. Was planning on getting it from my FLGS but the distributor cut their order down to 1/3 of what they asked for.

    May end up buying it online, but it looks like prices are going back up again.

  4. Love the game. Definitely look into getting or making some better player boards… Also, remember you can take more than 2 actions per generation, it’s just 1 or 2 actions per turn then everyone else gets a chance before you can play more actions.

  5. Yanni Cooper is that an easily overlooked rule, I assume?

    I confess I’m sort of surprised at the … I don’t know, kind of cheap feel of everything, given the price tag and demand.

  6. Yeah, definitely the components aren’t amazing. The game play is pretty awesome, especially once everyone playing has a game or two under their belt.

  7. Paul Beakley yeah the 2 actions per turn is often messed up. The one time we played we did that, game was still good but not great. Then I heard Jeff Englestien note he screwed it up and realized we did to. Something was wrong because we had far too many resources, we had to sub in extra components to keep track.

  8. Definitely solid. There is a randomness factor but I’ve found drafting fixes that and doesn’t lengthen the game much once everyone is familiar with the cards. The only long games tend to be when nobody pushes heat.

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