Just played a four player game and now I’ve got a headache I’ll never get rid of. Ever.

Holy guacamole there’s a lot going on with four! It’s great but slow, so very slow. Lots to pencil out. The turns don’t start complicated but once you’ve got some buildings, wow.

Besides the addition of a fourth player, the main thing we added was the “alternate timelines” option. It’s very simple: instead of the blank time zones where you mark that you’ve borrowed something from the future, there are now little bonuses and penalties depending on player order and how much you’re borrowing. It added some interesting wrinkles for sure.

The map is tight, so very tight, with four players. Everything is a mad dash and small errors in planning escalate into terrible turns. It’s a pretty unforgiving game.

There are still so many options to turn on, it’s ridiculous. Maybe if we played nothing but Anachrony for the next three months and got a little bored, maybe we’d throw in some options. For now there are decks of cards and playing boards still sealed in plastic.

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