15 thoughts on “Merchant of Venus”

  1. I find that the pirate rules (or whatever those jerks are called) in the new “Standard” FFG version can frustrate play and lengthen the game in addition to adding an unwelcome source of randomness. There are other reasons I prefer the “Classic” rules, but I know the new version has its fans.

    I’ve been playing the original game since I was a teenager, though, so perhaps I’m biased. We can knock out a game fairly quickly. 6+ hours does indeed seem way too long.

  2. The pirates boned me so hard. The top tier assholes camped the three encounter spots around the uh…nebula? The system just northeast of the galactic center. Really snarled up the map.

    So…as an experience game, like a very lightweight story telling event, I rather like the FFG version. The events and titles and durable board assets are neat. But lordy I was done with the experience (me: life of a loser trade ship captain with no prospects) after about four hours. Which, not coincidentally, is about my tolerance for rpg time as well.

  3. Sounds about right to me. Have you tried the Classic version? Less of a pure “experience” game, but a much tighter “board game” game in my opinion.

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