18 thoughts on “Argh my OCD is not happy with this.”

  1. Argh! That’s it. Fold up three paper towels, put them under the front, right leg of the table. Then boil the ship for 35 seconds in castor oil. Place it back on the base, on the cockeyed table and take a photo.

    Share that photo with us.

  2. I’ve sort of been avoiding it.

    I get precious little two player time, and between this and Attack Wing I’m feeling uh…overburdened with opportunities.

  3. I thought the Star Destroyer was the thing that came in the core/Wave 1? I have two of ’em. Victory class at least.

    Okay okay, lemme do a quick search.

    Hm. I don’t know Star Wars lore well enough to understand the difference. Loving the look of the Mon Calamari stuff though!

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