Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark

Sometimes I remember I have a game on my shelf that I totally love, and I can’t remember why it hasn’t gotten played more. Lewis & Clark is definitely one of those games. Lots of neat choices, engine building, modest but not face-stabby interaction. Complex enough that relearning the rules was kind of a chore, but whatever, kid is off to the grandparents and we’re both fighting head colds.

I don’t think I’ve ever played it as just a 2p but it scaled quite well. There are some character cards that are obviously better depending on the number of players, but easy enough, just don’t buy those. Adding it to my middling-challenging-not-filler list, a tough sweet spot that my wife really does not stray from much.

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  1. Clint Shulenski​, I tried solo player only once. Never again. I got so angry at the NPC that I had to just quietly put the game away before I rage flipped anything.

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