Latest Acquisition

Latest Acquisition

We were gifted a copy of this game,a reprint of an old classic. It appears the rules are largely intact. Might be a faq for it on the Geek, I’ll look later but the rules seem pretty clear.

Honestly there’s not a lot of meaningful decision making; it’s pure ameritrash themefest. Elaborate production values but where’s the beef?

Probably an expansion or two will lend this game more life. As it is I must regrettably give it 2 out of 5 Pauls.

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  1. Supposedly designs like this and Uncle Wiggly were bowdlerized over the generations . . . I wonder if you could take these components and build the original experience back in.


  2. I hate this game so much. Give me Trouble and a four year old and I will give you back a cutthroat gamer who can win and lose with dignity.

  3. Paul, Paul, Paul. Were you using Queen Frostine? It’s pretty common consensus that she’s absolutely essential for a balanced and enjoyable play experience. Admittedly a pretty big flaw, but not one that can’t be solved.

  4. My favorite of those was “Don’t Blow Your Top”

    See it was a bust of a dude wearing a Top Hat. Only the dude’s head was a party balloon…and there was some card board face or something. The top hat was put on the balloon head…but the top of the top hat was a seperate dish like piece that was held in place only by friction…and there were pins on the bottom. And you’d add marbles to the top hat until it was too heavy for the friction and would slight down and BANG!

    Who knows what the rules were, we just liked making the balloon go bang. I think it got taken away when we realize we could just skip the whole hat and marble thing and just pop the balloons with the pins…

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