24 thoughts on “I somehow forgot I owned a complete set of this.”

  1. I had HeroQuest and Warhammer Quest. Had to ditch some stuff for a move. Neither of these are particularly good as games. So I harvested and primed the minis for painting, and tossed the rest of the games.

    I see this one going for $100+ at dealer halls now. I failed to anticipate the price people will pay for nostalgia.

  2. I’m sitting on a near-complete copy myself. Think I’m missing an orc? Some of the minis are painted via nine year old Adam, too! Not sure how much someone would pay for nine year old me’s painting ability…

    I also have a near-complete copy of Dragon Strike. Can’t find the VHS, though. 🙁

  3. Another dumd question: have you heard (or played) of a (i guess rpg) board game that based on chess with the same pieces but 3-7 times bigger and the chess board have more of a background with stuff that can stop a players piece (IE: a knight cant go thur a river).

  4. Jonathan Perrine maybe we can combine into a single better set? I’m setting up to play now and the doors are pretty thrashed. Cards are okay, just old.

  5. The details on my Chaos Warlock are diminished after a flawed paint job and too long a dip in Pine-Sol. Someday I want to replace him, but single figures for this game go for mercenary prices on the secondary market.

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