So it begins.

As expected, the organizer is totally vital to making this playable and deployable in a sane way. It helped us scale the game’s vertical learning curve.

Gloomhaven feels like a mix of Mage Knight and Mistfall. It’s not an easy game! But it has good drama, meaningful choices, and decent writing.

We only got through the first scenario, and it took four of us maybe three hours to figure it out. I don’t think we messed up on any fundamentals. I think once we have learned our way around our combos and synergies, the game should get quite a bit faster.

Starting mix is spellweaver, brute, cragheart, and scoundrel. They’re interesting! Nice and weird and not too conventional. My spellweaver is probably the most conventional.

9 thoughts on “Gloomhaven”

  1. I’m starting to think I really need to invest in that organizer after my one attempt at running through the first scenario but I’m cheap after investing so much in Gloomhaven in the first place.

  2. There are a great many bits and pieces in here that are aren’t strictly necessary. You could quite happily do a print and play version with some paper maps, a lot of small decks of cards, and some pennies.

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