Do you know about Massdrop?

Do you know about Massdrop? You should. I follow a couple of their “communities” and occasionally a very, very good deal shows up. They’re not always the best price! But the comments section on each drop/deal is always full of people who do a good job of sussing out whether there are better deals at Amazon or CSI.

Anyway, this is one of the best games I own at a very good price. Check it out. Not an affiliate link! I just loooove me some Mage Knight: the Board Game.

8 thoughts on “Do you know about Massdrop?”

  1. Did you ever do a “Paul Plays Mage Knight” series?

    This one has been in my peripheral for years and you aren’t the first to declare their love for it. But, much like Terra Mystica, none of my (admittedly cursory) investigations have led me to believe its a must have I can’t live without.

    Which is rather surprising because my bar for “must have, can’t live without” is pretty low…very expensively low…

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