Played a couple more scenarios, I think we’re up to six now? The last one we did was very tense! It involved a goal other than killing, so that was nice.

I finally kept my rat person alive long enough to level up. It was…fine. The new card is cool, the perks are great. The legacy stuff is a bit overblown, nothing as exciting as Seafall’s big reveals.

Mostly the game seems to be built for a slow burn and no big dramatic swings in play. That’s probably a good choice for long term play and balancing out infinite combinations of powers and advantages.

If the game continued to be so repetitive I’d start feeling bummed, but this latest scenario was marvelous,a real nail biter.

Gosh we have a lot of locations to poke at now. Like seven or eight leads. I have no idea how to decide between them, and it relies entirely on memory about the previous scenario’s conclusion text.

9 thoughts on “Gloomhaven”

  1. I’ve got another seven-hour Gloomhaven session this Saturday. (four players) We’re going in as newly minted level 2s. Looking forward to really digging into it now.

  2. Timothy Barth​ okay so that’s a really hard question to answer. I think it’s going to be worth it to me, organizer included (bringing my all-in to about $200, sight unseen). There’s a staggering amount of content and it’s not built around a clear, non-repeatable arc like Pandemic or Seafall. So on the one hand I’m not really getting the storyline vibe, other than a really early hint at some good-v-evil thing. So I don’t feel excited the same way. But it’ll be there forever probably, and that’s amazing.

    I’m sort of terrible at evaluating “worth” when it comes to purely discretionary purchases like this. I know that sitting down for a couple sessions is (6 hours x 4 players) = 24 or so person hours of a good time.

    Our sixth mission was the first one that was a real nail biter for me, personally. And if most scenarios prove out to be kill missions, my interest will wane. The big picture development of the game is slow for my taste.

  3. Paul Beakley I’m just getting into the ‘legacy’ mechanic with my wife. We very much like cooperative games, so Pandemic Legacy was a natural fit to try (we’re not done yet, please don’t spoil thanks) – we each take two characters and play it as a four player game to have a chance. So far that’s been a huge hit. I’m not sure competitive legacy games would be as good for us.

  4. Gosh, I’m terribly intrigued by this. I’m at the far other end of the fence, hopefully about to start running Legacy of Dragonholt for friends and newbies.

    I’m loving the innovation that board games are showing when it comes to campaigns.

  5. I just preordered the retail release, which is out on Friday. I’m a massive fan of the digital board(ish) game Card Hunter, and I think this should scratch a similar itch. Will probably primarily play two-player with the missus, so we should burn through the campaign a bit faster. I like that it’s flexible enough to have other players drop in and out, though. And to have multiple parties running in the same collective world. That’s a big draw for me.

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