23 thoughts on “But tonight is supposed to be an rpg night. 😭”

  1. Matthijs Holter my pre-order didn’t ship because they had the wrong expiration date on my credit card. No email, no notification of any kind. But I saw Mark Delsing​ had received his and went back to them.

  2. Paul Beakley Mo Jave It’s probably that my card expired while the game was still being designed or something. This was “Colonial Twilight”, specifically made for 2-player. I e-mailed them about it now.

  3. Aaron Stafford ah! It’s a very unique series of games about counterinsurgencies throughout history. They all feature four sides each with asymmetrical but related goals. An event deck drives play. Usually two of the factions are insurgent/rebels and two are the counterinsurgents/status quo. And rather than old style hex and chit type play, you choose larger, more abstracted commands.

    The whole effect comes together in a very narrative way, with lots of temporary alliances, frenemy relationships, and a strong sense of what actually motivated these people historically.

    The first ones were designed by a CIA counterinsurgency expert and it shows. The later ones are by other people, and I feel like they’re not as tightly in tune with the underlying themes as they are masters of the mechanisms. Although the American Revolution one, Liberty or Death, is really strong that way.

    The COIN model is getting used in all kinds of ways now.

  4. How did you ever stumble into it? Is it talked about in COIN circles? I may need to travel in those circles more.

    What jumped out at me reading about BTR was the super well developed deep jargon surrounding various schools and doctrines within wargaming. Reminded me a lot of roleplaying.

  5. You know, I’m less curious about wargaming past than maybe I should be. Like, I put my time in over stacks of chits and I have about as much nostalgia for that as I do for red box.

  6. Played an afternoon of Axis & Allies with a buddy a couple years ago and it gave me the same bout of low level depression as my poorly considered Dungeon Crawl Classics con slot.

    (And that’s not even a real wargame!)

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