Cube Quest

Cube Quest

Getting ready to do a little repair work. It’s a very charming flicking/dexterity game that’s nearly unplayable if you got the first edition and the neoprene mats came permanently wrinkled.

8 thoughts on “Cube Quest”

  1. How are you going to fix it? My first thought is ironing it out between towels, but that’s just a guess. 

    Edit: oh look, there’s an iron in the picture. So yeah, ironing.

  2. One time when I was a kid, I was at church around Christmas. My Sunday School teacher gave us a picture to color and a candy cane each. I was coloring with my right hand and eating with my left. At some point I forgot which hand was doing which task and bit down hard into the crayon. I remember that the color was Cinnamon and people teased me that it didn’t taste like cinnamon. No duh, it tasted like regret and the fingers of hundreds of children.

  3. My friend David took his mats out of the box and laid them out for a few weeks so they could revert to their original “flatness”. Mine were too creased/pinched in the middle so I contacted Gamewright and got replacement mats.

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